Our IQ Retail Products

IQ Retail's area of expertise lies in the development of integrated software solutions. This means that all your trading information from POS, Stock, Customers, Suppliers, General Ledger and Financial information is all available in the right place and at any time.

IQ Retail Software solutions are fully integrated from POS through to General Ledger with the business sites ranging from complex 250+ store sites to single site businesses, with basic accounting and business process needs. The software fits into all the major sectors of the market. We offer true retail integration and the IQ Retail Software are seen as one of the leading fully integrated systems in their base country, South Africa. IQ Retail currently also have a user base in other parts of Africa, Australia and in some European countries.

IQPOS is a powerful, yet easy to use Point of Sale and Trading System. IQPOS is easily scalable to IQBusiness (which includes Financials and General Ledger) and IQEnterprise (which allows multiple branch consolidation and centralization).

IQPOS contains many features including airtime sales, account sales, suspended sales, shifts and cash-up reporting.

IQBusiness is a broad-based financial and functional system that utilizes the latest business trends and best practices to place those vital controls in your business that you deem necessary.

A SQL Report Writer and SQL Database make this a powerful reporting tool with the result that strategic intent can now be monitored on as business reporting is aggregated with functional and strategic planning in mind. Customised reporting is now at your fingertips.

Payroll control can be regarded as one of the most important processing functions in any business. It is the productivity of the workforce that contributes to the sustainability of your firm. With that in mind, you can clearly see the need for a compliant, effective and user-friendly payroll application.

IQ Payroll is the key to unlocking functionality like IRP5, IT3, EMP201 and pay slip reporting. Transaction history can be added with ease when transferring from an existing system.