What is a POS System

What is a POS System?

Ask anybody with a restaurant or store what a POS System is! They will tell you that it is the central management component of their business.

A POS System is a combination of hardware and software to simplify the day to day business operations.

Today we will be looking at what a POS is, how it is being used and how do you choose the correct POS for your business.

First of we will be looking at the important hardware components you will need for the POS. Regardless of the software you will be choosing as your POS, your hardware will remain the same.

Crucial Hardware for a POS System:

The following hardware is the crucial hardware for any POS:

Computer / Register Screen: This is a standard or touch screen monitor that displays that Graphical Interface for your POS. Many retail stores now prefer to use an All-in-One computer for the fact that the computer and screen / display in combined into a single device.

Barcode Scanner: Barcode scanners can be used to automate and speed up the checkout process. The barcode scanner scans the barcode of the product being sold. Product information is then searched for in the product database. Your sale total price is then adjusted accordingly with the product scanned. Stock levels is then as well adjusted accordingly.

Receipt Printer: With innovative technology such as PocketSlip you might think that a Receipt Printer is old news. I have news for you! While the technology exists, and is being used not everybody has yet adapted this modern technology and paper receipts are still important for provide your customers with a snapshot of their purchase.

Cash Drawer: When cash might fade away, we don’t know, but until then cash will still be one of the most preferred transaction methods. As long as it is you will need a safe place to store your cash for the transactions. And there is no additional costs for cash transactions as it is with credit cards.

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